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This site is too nice, are you really a Mom or a corporation in disguise?

I am really a Mom! And this site is currently just has only me running it and has zero investment from any corporation. It looks very nice because I am a designer and I can't bring myself to launch something ugly. It was built by my seriously good coder friends over at SmartDrop and currently maintained and hosted by my husband's company KoboDesign.

How does this work?

Fleababy is a venue for parents to trade their children's stuff with other parents. We do not sell any products ourselves, instead our members trade, buy and sell amongst each other. 

Received too many baby clothes? Sell them here.
Need a bigger stroller? Trade your old one for a new one.
Baby out grown his entire wardrobe? Buy near-mint (used for only three months!) clothese here.

If you are looking for something search the site and when you find it, sign up for an account and contact the seller privately to setup a convenient time and place to do the transaction. If you have stuff you need to get rid of then sign up here, put in some of the product information, and we'll contact you when you have a buyer. Once you have a buyer, mark it as sold so you don't get any more requests.

Because you are contacting other parents remeber to be polite, only post stuff you think is still re-useable and have fun!

How much is it?

It's free!

What do I do if I sold an item?

If you have a buyer congratulations! Just login to your account, find the item that you sold and mark it as "sold" in the tool bar. There is a button on the page to do this. Please remember to do so or others might think it's still available.

What if there is a dispute?

We hope that all the parents play nice with each other.  Fleababy cannot accept any responsibility for any transactions made on the website but we will do our best to moderate and ensure that all transactions goes as smoothly as possible. Should a dispute arise we would be happy to try to moderate the argument. If any wrong-doing or misleading information given by either party is found then we may ban the offending user(s) from Fleababy for a limited time or permanently if you've been really naughty.

Can I give my items to Fleababy?

Can't be bothered to sell it yourself and just want someone to take your baby stuff? We'll take it off your hands. Please contact us and we will come pick up your item. Please make sure your item is clean and in good condition. Now you'll have more space at home to get some new items for your baby!

How does payment work?

Methods of payment and shipping costs need to be worked out between buyers and sellers. At this time Fleababy cannot offer either of these services, but should our members request it we may consider it in the future.

How does shipping/delivery work?

Delivery is arranged between the buyer and the seller. 

We suggest that you use SF express to ship your items. SF express can deliver the item on the same day if the order is placed before 1pm, Mon-Friday. The cost for delivery is very reasonable. Lighter items like clothes can cost only around $20.

To get an estimate on the shipping cost for your item, check out:


Tips for happy selling


Post your item to an appropriate category so that buyers can find it. The listing on the homepage gets updated often and if you don't select a category there is a good chance that your item will get buried quickly.


Please make sure the product still works BEFORE posting it for sale. Make note of any scratches, or issues with the screen, and whether the battery needs to be replaced.


Wash/wipe-down/sterilize as best you can all products before shipping it out. If you send out something dirty, there's a high chance that your buyer will just send it right back or refuse to pay.


Specify the condition of your product, i.e. Brand New/Never-worn, Near Mint, Minor Wear & Tear, Needs Repairs. If you stored the clothes/items in a drawer with mothballs remember to specify it in your product description. Some babys are allergic.

Getting Started

Can't wait to start selling and trading? Great! Sign up for your Fleababy account here. Remember to fill in all your personal details, including an email address that you ACTUALLY USE or you might miss a sale. Notifications of people interested in buying your item will be sent to this address. We will never share your personal information with any 3rd party.

Once you have your details filled in, you then need to upload a photo of the product (try to take a shot in good lighting, with little or no clutter in the background, that shows as much of the product as possible) and you'll be ready to go!

Privacy/Blocking users/Spam

If someone is irritating you, you can block their messages by flagging them under your account settings. Once blocked you will no longer receive any messages from them until you unblock the user.


Any technical problems or general questions should be sent to You may notify us in case of a dispute at as well, and we will try to act as a mediator. However it is ultimately up to members to resolve any issues as we cannot take any responsibility for defective products or misinformation distributed by our members.

Category tips

Below is a general guideline for what item belongs in which category to help buyers find your baby item!


Bottle and cups (bottles, cups, beakers, storage containers, nipples)
Bottle warmers
Utensils (plates, bowls, cutlery, bibs, pacifiers)


Baby carriers (carriers, slings)
Car seats
Travel accessories (stroller accessories, changing mats, diaper bags)


older than 2


(bath tubs, supports, towels)

Toys & books

Baby (cradles, mobiles, playmats, swings, walkers, teethers, rattles, gyms, soothers)


Cots (cribs, cradles, moses baskets, travel cots, mattresses)
Bedding (sheets, blankets, bumpers, quilts, pillows, sleeping bags, muslins)
Changing tables
Chairs (nursing chairs, high chairs, booster seats, bouncers, stools)
Storage (wardrobe, dressers)
Activities (playpens)

Health & Safety

Health (humidifiers, thermometers, accessories, purifiers, nursing pads, wipes)
Safety (monitors, rails & guards, safety gates, socket covers, corner cushions, locks, door stoppers)


(babysitters, midwives, helpers, tutors)