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Give your baby stuff a second life!

You want to get your kid everything, from the necessary baby bottles and wipes to the totally frivolous bear pajama outfit with the cute little ears. Your friends also want to get your kid everything. They give you 20 bibs, on top of the 10 you just bought, whole closets full of towels and cute outfits. We understand all of this. We also understand that these things cost money and no matter how much you want him to stop, baby Coby is going to outgrow everything you give him in three months; leaving behind mountains of clothes in your tiny apartment and large credit card bills in your inbox.

We built Fleababy as a solution to this problem. As parents ourselves, we wanted a community where parents can get together and give, swap and sell all the stuff their kids have out-grown to othher parents who want them. We want you to be able to find near-mint 2yr old toddler outfits while being able to get rid of that Baby-björn carrier that's too small.

Fleababy is built by savvy parents for savvy parents to buy, trade and sell their way through the most hectic growth years of their child's life. We hope you find what you want in our community fleamarket, play nice and remember to have fun!

ps. Fleababy is based in Hong Kong